NEW SONG: Tony Richie- You’ll Never Fail.


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Tony Richie drops BRAND NEW SINGLE!

This convener of WORSHIP THE KING, an on-campus gathering just to worship Jesus, is a worship Leader who believes absolutely in the Finished work of Jesus Christ. And he is, very much, deliberate about making full proof and devotion of the gifts of the spirit of Christ, at work in him. He seeks nothing else but JESUS and to tell the whole world of the goodness this Jesus is.

You’ll Never Fail brings us the reassuring consciousness of the ever abiding presence of the spirit of Christ in us. By him, the Father pledges his everlasting commitment to Loving us. For he has loved us with an EVERLASTING LOVE.


Download, play and spread this assurance we have in God, our EVERLASTING Father.


You can reach Tony Richie on;

Twitter: @richiesoar

Instagram: richiesoar

Facebook: Tony Richie

Management: +237 8063760554

We cover the earth with the Gospel of Christ.


SATISFIED-Nu Song By Clarkson Ikwunze.


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Thank You Jesus.

Clarkson Ikwunze is a Worship Leader , Song Writer and seasoned minister. He seeks to reveal Jesus through the teaching of the WORD, and via music. He is currently working on what he calls the GRACE RHYTHM PROJECT, an album of new creation songs to serve the body of Christ.

SATISFIED is his second single and first from the Grace Rhythm Album Project.

Direct download link to SATISFIED;

Here is lyrics to SATISFIED by Pastor Clarkson Ikwunze;

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BIG GOD gospel Song by Chen and The Grace Bound Crew.


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Songs of the spirit are very easy to come by as believers.
When we are overwhelmed by the Love of the Father, we just burst forth into utterances of praise.

Our God is a Biiiig God. None compares to him…not even our earthly parents. He’s AGIDIGBA!

“Big God” by Chen and The Gracebound Crew dropped so hot yesterday. With 6000+ downloads and loads of testimonies and feedbacks.

Get your praise on, if you ha.ven’t. There is something called, “leaving songs on replay or repeat”

Big God by Chen and GBC will have you do that, unconsciously.

The song is available for download…

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I Do Not Know How To Caption This…


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I understand, very much, how hurts and shortcomings can make you be more expressive with the love you have for people. It’s called “Love, despite”.

This is legit…very, very. Speaks volumes of true, purposeful, and relentless love expressions

Purposeful love is expected to make us happy, groom us, make us better, improve us and make the best out of us. Therefore, if, in all your dispositions of prodigal love, the object of love remains unchanged, that says to tell that he or she is intentional about hurting you.


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I believe, and I see life as just one thing; all about relationships.

From cradle through life till death, a living being transcends from one specie of relationship to another. Starting with the relationship she shares with her birth family, her childhood friends, extended family, close friends, the believers fold, acquaintances, dating relationships and maybe marriage. I see all these facets as makeup of my existence. I can’t do without them. No one can.

One thing is constant in all these; the medium of interaction between you and these different folks you’re relating with. I also believe that there can’t be any set up of the sort between me and any of the aforementioned groups without a part of my emotional deposition obliging. And in human interactions,  we employ life instincts for a peaceful coexistence.

This brings me to say; I do not mind loving people. Living is to loving, for me. Infact, I’m a careless, hopeless, free to the air lover girl. However, I insist on the equality mindset more than I expect a reciprocate of love from people; generally or specifically.

How and why?
I believe that the interaction to be existent between humans should be that of ADMIRATION and APPRECIATION. I have come to understand that admiration is simply, me, recognizing another person’s resemblance to myself. This resemblance is not factored by any affiliations nor tags. It’s more kike fellowship; and a sense of fellowship has no tags to it. It cuts across and against gender, race, age,  nationality, ethnicity, cultural bounds, skin colour, any societal status at all.
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Growing up had me so precocious about and around my life. I became connected to the conscious human world at a very tender age. At that age, I was in a puzzling touch with my life and death instincts. I’m not talking about mere tantrums. I mean, real empathetic relations by way of extension. I could understand negative and positive emotions thoroughly.  I could relate to people’s feelings and heart trails by clairvoyance and empathy.

But, being a child, I wasn’t always taken seriously. So, I chilled. I experienced series of down and outs, as I really wanted to reach out to people but had restrictions. I had fewer or no people believing in me. I was still a child, they said.

Anyways,  I grew; nurturing that virtue. I longed to always help people. Did those I could. Even went extreme lengths to make sure the person needing help got it. Those I couldn’t get my way through hurt me so much. It became obvious that my happiness was drawn from the smiles and satisfaction of the other. So I decided to live for the people. Many times, then, I got into serious troubles trying to defend people and stand up for them against odds. I suffered from plenty misunderstandings and all. Due to the burning zeal, I was all out, no cares. I’ve learnt better now, though.

I decided that, no matter whatever I settle to do, per career, it just had to revolve around people. I never wanted to lose sight and touch with people who need help in whatever way. I discovered that part of me that was a good listener. Unconsciously,  I had a word for every situation related to me. I was drawn to the hurts and joys of people. I longed to see people happy at any cost. I, just, was given to reaching out to people, standing up for them.

Even when I made choices then, about the course to study in the university. I chose medicine because, I felt it was a discipline/profession that will make me be in constant touch with people. It wasn’t necessarily what and who I wanted to be in the nearest future. It was about the problem I am poised to solving. Continue reading



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You can call me “lazy”.
I don’t really mean the lazy you do know.

This is what I mean. I select what I participate in.

What in me does that selection?  My passion.

So it says to tell that if my passion cannot find expression with that, there is no way I am doing it.

This is because, my passion drives my happiness. Having my passion find expression in all the ramifications it can, multiplies into my unending happiness.

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They said that those of us born at around late January to mid February tend to live in fairy land. We imagine a lot of things the way we want it to be. Most atimes, these expectations are the ideals. They said we need to try to merge the real with the ideal.

I said, well, I can’t merge real and Ideal. It’s either real or ideal. I believe the ideal from constant connect with it, becomes my reality.

Therefore, I always insist on the world my mind have orchestrated. How am i sure about this?
I have schooled and I keep schooling my mind thoroughly on the right ideals of life and all. So it’s not like I’m totally clueless.

You say I’m too principled and uptight…well, I can’t choose to settle for less either. When I do, I hurt helplessly. Experiences have taught me that when I settle for less, in shades of pity, I lose out totally on happiness and fulfilment.

So, there’s no plan B or C working for me. If a plan A floors, I set up another plan A.

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A must read…


How often do you hear about women who deny their husbands sex? Quite often, I am sure. In fact, I am willing to bet that for some of you, this topic has come up at least once in the last two months. It is something that has been thrashed so often, it is starting to sound like a broken record and yet, there is the other side of the coin that some of us do not realise exists. There are actually men who deny their wives sex. Let me guess, your eyes are wide with shock, your mouth is hanging open, you are hissing and saying; “Na lie joor!”

You see that reaction is one of the reasons why this thing is not often talked about and addressed as a topic or in actual marriages experiencing it. As I said in my Punch article on male sexual harrasment and rape, when…

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It’s been twenty six kaleidoscopic years of marital union.
Quite kaleidoscopic! But in all, we give thanks. We’re stronger;  we’re better.

Happy Marriage anniversary to Benedethe and Joseph; awa dear parence of laive.

You’d continue to Live long, lovely and happily.

We love you ma’am,  we love you sir. We’d live our whole lives appreciating the fact that you’re out parents.


God bless the Okwara dynasty. Amen.

Godswill Okwara
Christian Uma Okwara
Mimi Okwara
Okwara Victor
Okwara Victoria.

For family and friends.