Relationship and Love life



I did see a movie where a partner told the other thus:

“People who get married are not to be trusted, because if you are legitimately happy you have no need to make big show outta it. They do it because they are insecure”.

Now permit me to disagree “heads down”. Spouses are no weakling. In fact a decisive step into marriage is a bold, brave step of faith which weaklings will be wary of considering. The proceeds inherent in a marriage setting are really not rossy. Talk about the kids,putting up with Learning and unlearning habits(some spouses can really be annoying),in law-palava and lots more (interestingly). Marriage on its own is stressful not to talk of all these combining factors. And surely,the going can get tough and only the insecure ones pull out when the heat is much.

Besides, marriage is a divine affair which has a stake with divinity. God instituted Marriage and he pulls it on to finish. Distrusted fellas may not deem it fit to let God into there marital affairs. Such people are not to be trusted, too.

Take that step! HML!


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