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They said that those of us born at around late January to mid February tend to live in fairy land. We imagine a lot of things the way we want it to be. Most atimes, these expectations are the ideals. They said we need to try to merge the real with the ideal.

I said, well, I can’t merge real and Ideal. It’s either real or ideal. I believe the ideal from constant connect with it, becomes my reality.

Therefore, I always insist on the world my mind have orchestrated. How am i sure about this?
I have schooled and I keep schooling my mind thoroughly on the right ideals of life and all. So it’s not like I’m totally clueless.

You say I’m too principled and uptight…well, I can’t choose to settle for less either. When I do, I hurt helplessly. Experiences have taught me that when I settle for less, in shades of pity, I lose out totally on happiness and fulfilment.

So, there’s no plan B or C working for me. If a plan A floors, I set up another plan A.

Talking me down on it may just delay the set up…but because I always insist, I definitely will come through it. It’s just a matter of time.

And guess what, I LOVE TIME.
A lot of processes take place when time passes. So I can chill to allow time pass. I can be too undaunted like that. Others will say I really don’t care. Yes, I do care a lot…but I really don’t care (hope you understand the different contexts of the “care”?)

And, you…yes, you.
Refuse to settle. Settlements only occur at permanent sites. And that’s when you die, finally. Create your own outlook of life with God pencilling the layouts. Don’t stop at creating it. Desire and walk towards living in and from it. Be precise about what you want. Make the essentials of your happiness a major priority. Insist on your happiness above all things.


Tomorrow I’d talk about the relationship between my passion and my happiness.



6 thoughts on “Day 00-MY IDEAL LIFE.”

  1. Yes sis, i believe so much in the Utopia in my head too. For me, half bread is never better than none. The bread has to be whole: 1, 2,5….n. If not 0 is a fair option. Lol!
    P.S. Right now, i don’t feel like i am making any comment sense. Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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