Autobiography, Relationship and Love life, Short plays and stories


You can call me “lazy”.
I don’t really mean the lazy you do know.

This is what I mean. I select what I participate in.

What in me does that selection?  My passion.

So it says to tell that if my passion cannot find expression with that, there is no way I am doing it.

This is because, my passion drives my happiness. Having my passion find expression in all the ramifications it can, multiplies into my unending happiness.

I must love what I’m doing to do it happily. Sandwiching me between odds; I’d break down. I’d suffer so many losses. I may even resent the subject of my oppression so badly in extreme cases.

It is my belief that we strive to survive outside our niches. But when we stick to niche, we live freely. Niches encapsulates our innate and ideal selves. It embodies our passions, our best behaviours and performances. It allows the truth about us to be expressed in all excellence. And eliminate all forms of unwholesome competitions.

So, I try as much as I can make possible, to respect myself and stick to niche. I call it Precision and Priority(PnP). I keep extending the borders of my niche to accommodate new and more radiant horizons. But I never seek to mix salt water with fresh water. I don’t even seek to leave the natural water habitats for the colourful aquariums or try to check how cool it is to be on land…No.

Every created being has a streamlining peculiar to him or her. That streamlining is a model for passionate excellence. You major on that streamline and build on it. That is what purposeful living is all about.

No niche is better than the other. The word here is PECULIAR. You are peculiar. Be peculiar.


Up next is, “I Live Purposefully”.



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