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I believe, and I see life as just one thing; all about relationships.

From cradle through life till death, a living being transcends from one specie of relationship to another. Starting with the relationship she shares with her birth family, her childhood friends, extended family, close friends, the believers fold, acquaintances, dating relationships and maybe marriage. I see all these facets as makeup of my existence. I can’t do without them. No one can.

One thing is constant in all these; the medium of interaction between you and these different folks you’re relating with. I also believe that there can’t be any set up of the sort between me and any of the aforementioned groups without a part of my emotional deposition obliging. And in human interactions,  we employ life instincts for a peaceful coexistence.

This brings me to say; I do not mind loving people. Living is to loving, for me. Infact, I’m a careless, hopeless, free to the air lover girl. However, I insist on the equality mindset more than I expect a reciprocate of love from people; generally or specifically.

How and why?
I believe that the interaction to be existent between humans should be that of ADMIRATION and APPRECIATION. I have come to understand that admiration is simply, me, recognizing another person’s resemblance to myself. This resemblance is not factored by any affiliations nor tags. It’s more kike fellowship; and a sense of fellowship has no tags to it. It cuts across and against gender, race, age,  nationality, ethnicity, cultural bounds, skin colour, any societal status at all.

I see you for who you are; a human. And this truth has nothing against it. If I understand that I am human, and I understand that the next person is myself in another frame, I look beyond the frame to connect with the treasure of humanity on the inside of that frame. If I love myself, I understand that the other person is worthy of love too. If I could love you, you can love me too because we have same impressions on the inside which should be expressed, unhindered.

Therefore, in all of the aforementioned groups of relationships,  I apply that rule…not a rule tho. Just a simple life reality. In specific relationships,  appreciation and admiration is to recognize my resemblance to you. So if I could be all out for you, you can be all that too for me. I do not have three eyes not two heads. We are same; HUMANS. This sameness  speaks of equality.  Not about having same frames. We could be of different nationalities, skin colour,  ethnicity, gender, ages, but we’re one, we’re same; owing to the fact that one isn’t human and the other a pteridophyta.

You can be all someone else is to you and more because you
have  all that it takes; humanity. We aim to be more becauses every day of our lives is an endless hallway of improvements.  We get better and better.

I’ve learnt and I’m learning daily,  not to expect much nor anything from people. Just play out humanity before people, and the living conscience will imbibe and live as humane as needed.


Tommorow, I’d tell about my faith and belief.

Happy Friends’ Day



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