Relationship and Love life

I Do Not Know How To Caption This…


I understand, very much, how hurts and shortcomings can make you be more expressive with the love you have for people. It’s called “Love, despite”.

This is legit…very, very. Speaks volumes of true, purposeful, and relentless love expressions

Purposeful love is expected to make us happy, groom us, make us better, improve us and make the best out of us. Therefore, if, in all your dispositions of prodigal love, the object of love remains unchanged, that says to tell that he or she is intentional about hurting you.


I recommend you take a walk, pertinently. For the sake of your sanity, be responsible for your mental health. Call back your boundless emotions and keep them from straying into dangers. These dangers are detrimental to your well-being. And, when and if you go psychologically imbalanced, an intentional hurt-giver will not be in trauma with you. Don’t wait until later. Walk now!

Life is beautiful. Chisim Chukwu said, “there is not one particular person who has the monopoly of making us happy.”

Very true.


Be responsible for your happiness, dear friend. Choose this day to Live, happily; no matter what. Talk to someone, if need be. Get rid of all depressive and death instincts. Don’t let yourself deteriorate, I beg you. You matter to me…to life; to us all.


(All Pictures were gotten from Pinterest .)


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