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(a poem dedicated to all those in WAITING  and for those that would chose to,this day. #We’dWait).

My world is a revolution of a dual cause;
My motivation, strong enough to break every loss.
It’s “not-up-to”, if it’s all about existing;
Living is for Loving.

You don’t gerrit; I know;
“How can this be?”,you asked;
“Isn’t she nuts? “, they chose to wonder.

Of the imaginations of your hearts;
Of the beaming flares in your eyes;
Of the rights “to” or “not to”;
All, made bare in the “see-through” of love.

My life goes round the scope;
Encircling every end with The Rope,-
An interconnectivity of rubbed-off influence;
For I was Wired to Love;
And you were Made for Love.

So, this is it;
It comes handy with nothing;
For I can’t help but Be Me!
But, I’d tell you something;
My dear, it’s more than you can see.

You get it all twisted;
When your sight halts just in your eyes;
For it is to the heart to know love;
As the eyes merely sees; just for the sights.

My love is a beauty;
For Himself is beautiful.
HE goes far beyond the sights;
He merges with the heart.

When you just see;
You’d trip; oh yea!
But with an understanding;
You’ve got a stand,-Love.

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