S: Smart.
she is SMART!

An argument on politics was going on in my office the other day. The argument was clearly going on in a foolish way; they were letting a lot of false facts and figures fly around. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and since it was a free-for-all argument, I came in. I was making so much sense (I am certain I was) when suddenly my boss cut me off with,

“Please be quiet, let the men speak. What do women know about serious issues like politics? If we were talking fashion or home management or even matters of love, Ehen. But, Politics? Oh please!”

In summary, the only thing a woman is good for is being in love, dressing fashionably (or talking fashion) and fixing meals. She is not smart enough to engage in meaningful discussions.

After going online to bring out facts and figures that clearly proved my side of the argument right (almost impeccable). I told him how a woman who knows jack about serious issues like politics is set to becoming the next president of the world.

Some folks say a woman is not smart. That she is too emotional to be smart.
I’m not going to dispute the fact that women are emotional, at least, more emotional than men. Our being emotional, however, does not affect our smartness.


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