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You can call me “lazy”.
I don’t really mean the lazy you do know.

This is what I mean. I select what I participate in.

What in me does that selection?  My passion.

So it says to tell that if my passion cannot find expression with that, there is no way I am doing it.

This is because, my passion drives my happiness. Having my passion find expression in all the ramifications it can, multiplies into my unending happiness.

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Autobiography, Relationship and Love life, Short plays and stories


They said that those of us born at around late January to mid February tend to live in fairy land. We imagine a lot of things the way we want it to be. Most atimes, these expectations are the ideals. They said we need to try to merge the real with the ideal.

I said, well, I can’t merge real and Ideal. It’s either real or ideal. I believe the ideal from constant connect with it, becomes my reality.

Therefore, I always insist on the world my mind have orchestrated. How am i sure about this?
I have schooled and I keep schooling my mind thoroughly on the right ideals of life and all. So it’s not like I’m totally clueless.

You say I’m too principled and uptight…well, I can’t choose to settle for less either. When I do, I hurt helplessly. Experiences have taught me that when I settle for less, in shades of pity, I lose out totally on happiness and fulfilment.

So, there’s no plan B or C working for me. If a plan A floors, I set up another plan A.

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A must read…


How often do you hear about women who deny their husbands sex? Quite often, I am sure. In fact, I am willing to bet that for some of you, this topic has come up at least once in the last two months. It is something that has been thrashed so often, it is starting to sound like a broken record and yet, there is the other side of the coin that some of us do not realise exists. There are actually men who deny their wives sex. Let me guess, your eyes are wide with shock, your mouth is hanging open, you are hissing and saying; “Na lie joor!”

You see that reaction is one of the reasons why this thing is not often talked about and addressed as a topic or in actual marriages experiencing it. As I said in my Punch article on male sexual harrasment and rape, when…

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It’s been twenty six kaleidoscopic years of marital union.
Quite kaleidoscopic! But in all, we give thanks. We’re stronger;  we’re better.

Happy Marriage anniversary to Benedethe and Joseph; awa dear parence of laive.

You’d continue to Live long, lovely and happily.

We love you ma’am,  we love you sir. We’d live our whole lives appreciating the fact that you’re out parents.


God bless the Okwara dynasty. Amen.

Godswill Okwara
Christian Uma Okwara
Mimi Okwara
Okwara Victor
Okwara Victoria.

For family and friends.



S: Smart.
she is SMART!

An argument on politics was going on in my office the other day. The argument was clearly going on in a foolish way; they were letting a lot of false facts and figures fly around. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and since it was a free-for-all argument, I came in. I was making so much sense (I am certain I was) when suddenly my boss cut me off with,

“Please be quiet, let the men speak. What do women know about serious issues like politics? If we were talking fashion or home management or even matters of love, Ehen. But, Politics? Oh please!”

In summary, the only thing a woman is good for is being in love, dressing fashionably (or talking fashion) and fixing meals. She is not smart enough to engage in meaningful discussions.

After going online to bring out facts and figures that clearly proved my side of the argument right (almost impeccable). I told him how a woman who knows jack about serious issues like politics is set to becoming the next president of the world.

Some folks say a woman is not smart. That she is too emotional to be smart.
I’m not going to dispute the fact that women are emotional, at least, more emotional than men. Our being emotional, however, does not affect our smartness.


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Worship Consulting



My friend (a worshipper) and I were lip-synching some songs on one of my playlists, few days back. At a point, one of the songs got us into some serious examinations. Then he asked me about my thoughts  on original songs(specs and all that). I shared some with him and decided to also do same here.

Like the name is,-Original songs. And so it should be,-original songs. I understand that the heart cry of every worshipper/leader/director is to do something that will have a connect from his/her personality to their audience. Yes, we wanna release singles, duets, EPs,debuts, albums, music videos.

That is awesome and is expected. That’s why we have producers and studios everywhere.

This being the case, you laying claims to bring an originator of a particular song lyrics and melody is laudable if actually there’s been nothing like them before you. I’m not saying making “already sung lyrics” more creative ain’t cool… Infact,I  love remix! I do remix songs myself…God’s spirit is a creative kinda.


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