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I Do Not Know How To Caption This…


I understand, very much, how hurts and shortcomings can make you be more expressive with the love you have for people. It’s called “Love, despite”.

This is legit…very, very. Speaks volumes of true, purposeful, and relentless love expressions

Purposeful love is expected to make us happy, groom us, make us better, improve us and make the best out of us. Therefore, if, in all your dispositions of prodigal love, the object of love remains unchanged, that says to tell that he or she is intentional about hurting you.


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Relationship and Love life, Short plays and stories


(Story recounted with express permission from the direct teller. Names have been replaced for reasons best known.)

At first I thought they were her younger siblings; two little girls, Marachi and Tuochiegwu. My thoughts were with me for days until I heard their big mummy refer to them as her grandchildren.  I shock!

Udeamaka is a petite figure,fair skinned with a radiant smile. Looking at her you can’t just accept that she’s a mum of two. From the first day I saw her, I just knew we’d have a rendezvous surely. First, she was all out to make my acquaintance with her continuous and timely kind words and all dem “good-somethings “.

I didn’t mention that one of the kids; the older; Marachi; had a fearful, huge outgrowth round her neck. I fought back the tears each time I saw this kid of not up to 4years in severe pains,especially after she’s gone to receive medi-care on it. She’d cry helplessly.  Other times the pains were not just utterable; so she’d groan. This ailment made her look skinny and sickly. You’d mistake her for a sickler. My dear; those sights;  horrible.


Mara cried again, and this time, her teary voice slit my heart in two. I came out. Udeamaka, her mum was consoling her and helping her spoon food into the mouth she barely could open. Tuochiegwu is one kid that has a very unbecoming ability to scream atop her voice when she’s crying for nothing. So all join!

I watched in pains, too as I felt the hurt in my chest. Moving close to where they sat,  I say beside Marachi.

“Sweetheart, ndo!  Chai!” I was short of words. Quickly said a prayer for her and patted her back to serenity. The mum was blanked out. She was lost in thought.

“Nne it’s well oooh.” I tried starting,  unsure of where it will lead.

Then it snapped!

“When will all these end? What have I done to deserve this. Look at this innocent child. God, bikozianu.” The tears came pouring. Tuochi got her pause button activated.

“My dear it’s alright.”
“Their father nko? ” I asked; imploring God to grant me access.

“Which of them?” She wiped her face. Their fathers abandoned them. Tuochi’s father calls from time to time. But never visited. Marachi’s never owned up to her fatherhood.”

“Whaaat!” I was shaky already.
“I’m listening. ..”

She continued, “If not for my mum, I don’t know what I would have done. Marachi’s Father was my boyfriend in secondary school.  After our WASSCE,  he was about to go and learn trade in Lagos. Two days before he travelled we couldn’t keep the urge to get intimate. I knew he’d be away for a long time. And I’d miss him. So we had sex. He travelled and that was all. He promised to come marry me once he made money. Few months later had my tummy bulging. I called to tell him the news. Mimi, I will not forget the slamming of the phone dailer in my ear.

When Mara was about 9months old, I noticed a difficulty with her neck. She’d always let out moans whenever you touched her neck. We treated it as we understood it. Then the outbreak came shockingly. 

Mara was only 1year plus when a family friend of ours came visiting one Christmas. He was of great assistance. But I was stupid. I never suspected anything until I have fallen so flat. Before he travelled back to his base, we slept together. I wouldn’t say he forced me. But the persuasion was intense. A flicking candle was already lit. But that event became one of my most dreaded histories as I took in afterwards. Tuochi came 9months later. Marachi’s case grew from bad to worse. We had not enough funds to properly take care of her. My mum took us in when everyone deserted us. Tuochi’s dad sent funds for a while then stopped. Can’t reach him no more.

It’s been hell.  Real hell.  I don’t regret these kids. I just wished they came at the right time; under the perfect circumstances. Just imagine I alone going through all these. Their fathers all gone. This is my cross to bear. I just wish I knew better………”


I could continue the writing. But I’ve written a handful, already. So that is it…

From Ude’s story and many other similitudes, we can point out many instances that should have waited until later.

Take a look at this again;
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Relationship and Love life


Chukwu daalu, na-etu I siri mee ka ifeoma na-kpoo anyi iru, kwa  mgbe. O ya-aga n’iru na-adi etu ahu,site n’afa Jesus”!


(Car hoots in the background ).

“Ele! Check who that is”; Pa Eleru says, hurrying off to pay cistern-dues.

Walking towards the entrance, Eleru,almost bumps into a towering figure…. Her mouth widens like an “O.”

Oh my!…..

Her mum makes a swift move towards Halison, for a warm embrace before he(Halison), could say “Jack”.

“Hali-nwa m, ke kwanu ka I mere?  Ndi bee-unu,kwa? Unu alarukwa ofuma?

Eleru badges a spectator’s spectacles as Halison goes all bowing, nodding and muttering responses to Ma Eleru’s  goodwill enquiries. Ma Eleru kept dazzling her dentition, as she turned towards the door leading to the inner rooms.

“Welcome oh… Ele, lemme come, I nugo? “….

“I returned your wristwatch…. “, Hali started.

“Oh that? It must have fallen off,while I was in your ride….”. Eleru came in immediately, collecting the accessory. Her mum was long disappeared into the inner room,she also discovered .

“Anyways, thanks.  And thanks for yesterday,too. My mum couldn’t stop talking about you yesterday. She said So many goodies about you and your Mum “……(Kai!  Eleru, na  onle you waka talk? ).

“Really?  Nice”. Hali mumbled.

“I also had a Nice time-out with you,yesterday.  And your Dad…. Good company! I’m still So sorry for all the inconvenience. “(Striking her that look that could melt stones like it were to be wax…. we know all those,guys..  But, Eleru?….smh!).

And she couldn’t help biting her fingernails,blinking eyes like cat ,as Hali placed a hand on her shoulders….

“You really are a beauty…and your eyes…. they couldn’t let go of my vision, Even as I slept…. ”

Chaiyeeee! Eleru haff die!
Wickedness in high and low places!

“To be continued…… ”

Mimi Okwara,©2015.

Relationship and Love life


I’m short of words But lemme try.
It’s something commendable, baby-geh, how far you go for the love of your life. I’m also not unaware of how much our local home videos have potrayed how love should be to you in their own  dialect.

So You’re based in the village and your house isn’t far from Halison’s.  Now Halison is the guy who drove past you one Xmas time,splashed muddy water on you;came out,apologized, took you home,cleaned you up,and got you relaxed in the local bush bar.

Afterwards, he dropped you off at your place,only to discover that your father was an old-time buddy of his late dad. The two men shares palmy and chats heartily, a while before Hali took his leave.

Mum tickles you all through the night with how Hali’s mum has been a close confidant. Tells you of Hail’s life story and all his travels,how he goes  #upandan in cool flights.

Then you sleep with the world of ya imagination responding to a mumu button press…..

“To be continued ….

Mimi Okwara,© 2015.