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NEW SONG: Tony Richie- You’ll Never Fail.


Tony Richie drops BRAND NEW SINGLE!

This convener of WORSHIP THE KING, an on-campus gathering just to worship Jesus, is a worship Leader who believes absolutely in the Finished work of Jesus Christ. And he is, very much, deliberate about making full proof and devotion of the gifts of the spirit of Christ, at work in him. He seeks nothing else but JESUS and to tell the whole world of the goodness this Jesus is.

You’ll Never Fail brings us the reassuring consciousness of the ever abiding presence of the spirit of Christ in us. By him, the Father pledges his everlasting commitment to Loving us. For he has loved us with an EVERLASTING LOVE.



Download, play and spread this assurance we have in God, our EVERLASTING Father.


You can reach Tony Richie on;

Twitter: @richiesoar

Instagram: richiesoar

Facebook: Tony Richie

Management: +237 8063760554

We cover the earth with the Gospel of Christ.

Worship Consulting


(My thoughts.com).

My friend (a worshipper) and I were lip-synching some songs on one of my playlists, few days back. At a point, one of the songs got us into some serious examinations. Then he asked me about my thoughts  on original songs(specs and all that). I shared some with him and decided to also do same here.

Like the name is,-Original songs. And so it should be,-original songs. I understand that the heart cry of every worshipper/leader/director is to do something that will have a connect from his/her personality to their audience. Yes, we wanna release singles, duets, EPs,debuts, albums, music videos.

That is awesome and is expected. That’s why we have producers and studios everywhere.

This being the case, you laying claims to bring an originator of a particular song lyrics and melody is laudable if actually there’s been nothing like them before you. I’m not saying making “already sung lyrics” more creative ain’t cool… Infact,I  love remix! I do remix songs myself…God’s spirit is a creative kinda.


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